Facebook has corporate cancer

Keep this Facebook example in mind should you catch yourself assuming that employees at a corporation would never deliberately do anything that would harm their employer’s profits:

Facebook’s moderators have called on advertisers to keep boycotting the site, over the way it deals with “hate speech,” but they really just want to stop Trump winning again. Keen observers of the ins and outs of Silicon Valley’s complicated relationship with freedom of expression may remember that last month a host of big corporations, including Disney, Ford and Adidas, pulled their adverts from the site in the biggest boycott ever of its kind.

This was sparked by a campaign called Stop Hate for Profit set up by several US civil rights groups in the wake of George Floyd’s killing. The group accuses Facebook of “profiteering from hate and misinformation” and has branded their policy on hate speech “vexing.” Now, as the month-long July boycott is due to end, some of Facebook’s own employees have urged companies to keep the pressure on their employer. Yes, Facebook’s own employees want the company to make less money to make themselves feel better.

Never allow SJWs or Gammas into your organization. They will ALWAYS turn against the organization sooner or later, because their priorities are not the organization’s priorities and they are constitutionally incapable of putting anything ahead of their own priorities.

In the case of the SJW, it is the social justice Narrative. In the case of the Gamma, it is his sense of self-importance. In either case, they won’t even hesitate to turn against the organization or community.