SJWs shut down Comicsgate + Dynamite

I’m not going to even pretend to care at all about this dispute, as Comicsgate has devolved into the neocon gatekeepers of the comics industry and Dynamite probably won’t be around in 3-5 years. But it is industry news, so it’s worth noting:

An hour ago, Bleeding Cool published an article regarding a number of their creators deciding to stop working for Dynamite Entertainment. Shortly before publication, Dynamite owner and publisher Nick Barrucci declined to comment. That suddenly seems to have changed.

Several prominent comic book creators had told Dynamite that they were no longer happy to work for the company when they were publishing, crowdfunding, and promoting creator-exclusive variant covers by Comicsgate comic book creators. While this had been happening for over a year, it was the recent promotion of these covers and Comicsgater livestreams on Dynamite ‘s social media and e-mail blasts, and bringing the crowdfunding under Dynamite’s name that drew new attention to this activity.

Specifically, one cover by Comicsgate creators Cecil and Donal Delay, featuring a Comicsgate character alongside Dynamite characters Vampirella and Red Sonja, promoted alongside other creators’ work, that caused the current reaction. Some Dynamite creators who objected to these events battled with their commitments to others and to their work. However, Matt Miner, Karla Pacheco, Mark Russell, and Christian Ward were among those who stated they would no longer work for Dynamite as a result. I understand other creators talked to Dynamite privately about this issue, also expressing their concerns. The Comicsgaters in question used these statements as a way to drum up more business, talking about celebrating creator tears, as more abuse was targeted against them.

But half an hour after publication, Nick Barrucci decided to comment, telling Bleeding Cool, “In speaking with Cecil, neither one of us realized the cover would be so polarizing.  We discussed and are not moving forward with the cover or the campaign.”

Arkhaven doesn’t need Diamond, Dynamite, or Comicsgate, much less Bleeding Cool, so all of the various tempests in the comics industry teapot are irrelevant to us. But it is nevertheless informative to observe how SJWs are now fully engaged in their war on the cucks of the nominal Right.

UPDATE: Apparently ol’ Two-Face is at it again:

According to Comicsgate leader/spokesperson Ethan Van Sciver, Dynamite Entertainment CEO Nick Barruci has been secretly working alongside the group, criticized by many as an online harassment campaign, since 2018 – a decision that has apparently urged Van Sciver to break his silence as to the extent of Barucci’s support up to this point. The news comes a day after multiple artists and writers denounced Dynamite for working alongside Comicsgate.

What a great friend! I’m sure Barucci will appreciate 2VS exposing him like this and want to stand by him in the future. Assuming, of course, that what he’s saying is substantially true and is not a significant exaggeration.