A cause for celebration

The rapid increase in immigration may explain Israel’s insistence on annexing the West Bank:

The Knesset’s Immigration, Absorption, and Diaspora Affairs Committee met last Wednesday to discuss a major dilemma: Jewish immigration is expected to double nest year but budgetary constraints will make it difficult, if not impossible to absorb them into Israeli society.

Earlier this month, Jewish Agency Chairman Isaac Herzog reported to the committee that an estimated 250,000 people, mostly young people, will immigrate to Israel within the next three to five years. Herzog added that the number of people who have contacted the Jewish Agency about Aliyah from English-speaking countries has increased by 50{4e01b0bc4ab012654d0c5016d8cbf558644ab2e53259aa2c40b66b3b20e8967d}, and by 70{4e01b0bc4ab012654d0c5016d8cbf558644ab2e53259aa2c40b66b3b20e8967d} from French-speaking countries.

Israel could receive as many as 90,000 new immigrants in 2021 – nearly three times the number of immigrants in 2019.

This is really win-win for pretty much everyone, except the Palestinians. The more homogenous the nations, the more peaceful they will be for everyone. If you truly want to visualize world peace, nationalism that rejects imperialism is the only solution that is even modestly viable.