Gammas with power

If you ever want to understand how horrific a world run by gammas would be, consider the current state of the mainstream comics industry, which is collapsing amidst declining sales, a shaky distribution system, and widespread accusations of sexual misconduct by its leading lights.

The month of June saw the comics industry rocked by successive waves of predatory conduct allegations, amid similar reckonings around sexual harassment in the affiliated worlds of video games, twitch streaming, tabletop games, professional wrestling, and professional illustration. Some of the allegations, as with superstar writer Warren Ellis, were new. Others brought renewed scrutiny to lingering problems like the allegations against Dark Horse editor Scott Allie and DC writer Scott Lobdell. Most of the stories came from marginalized creators who’d previously been silent for fear of being blacklisted. In June, that wall of silence cracked, and what showed beneath was red and raw and deeply, viscerally angry….

There have been many conversations over the past month about how to change the culture of the comics industry. But June’s storm of allegations is not a sign that the comics industry is broken. It’s a sign that it’s running precisely as designed.

The reason the comics industry is a socio-sexual nightmare for women is because it is run by low-status men who have no idea how to responsibly handle their power and influence. But regardless, you simply have to love these SJW vs SJW wars.