Another gut punch for McRapey

It’s really remarkable to learn how many sexual predators John Scalzi is associated with, and apparently, even bankrolls:

This news story hit me like a punch to the gut. It features of accusations of sexual assault and domestic violence against Alan Beatts, the owner of Borderland Books. Borderlands is one of my favorite bookstores in the world; Alan is literally one of the first people I met in the science fiction and fantasy community, and a friend. He’s been a huge supporter of me and my work, and conversely I’ve been a supporter of him and Borderlands. It’s the store I’ve held all my San Francisco events at, basically for as long as I’ve been doing events at all. I’ve supported Borderlands annually as a patron, and I lent the store money to purchase a new building, which it’s currently in the process of moving to.

It actually and genuinely hurt to read these accusations, which I believe. I wrote yesterday on Twitter that I was in shock about it, and I still am. This one stirs up emotions for me in a way I’m not prepared to publicly quantify or express. Suffice to say it hits close to home on a number of levels.

So, about the money I gave to Borderlands for its new store. It’s a loan, and as a loan the store’s LLC pays me back a little each year. I’ve gotten a couple of payments on that loan to date.

At this point, one has to look a little askance at anyone with whom Scalzi associates. My top two suspects for future revelations of this type are Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Jim “McCreepy” Hines.

But seriously, how many confirmed sexual predators do you know? Whereas this guy is apparently surrounded by them. The thing is, pretty much the entire SF community is godless, immoral, and relentlessly depraved. That’s why, despite being an author who occasionally writes science fiction, I never wanted anything to do with them after attending my first and only science fiction convention, at which I was one of the featured guests.