The War for the Midnight World

Bounding Into Comics notes the release of MIDNIGHT’S WAR:

Vox Day’s Arkhaven Comics recently released a brand new vampire thriller series titled Midnight’s War. The series was released on the popular Web Toons platform and will consist of four episodes. The first episode titled “Not Even The Wicked Dead” was released on June 24th and Vox informs Bounding Into Comics the second episode will be released on June 26th.

The series is set in the distant future following an economic crisis that sees the vampire tribes come out of hiding in an attempt to take control of the Earth and humanity. They usurp Earth’s institutions including their media and governments and establish a new world order under the Great Concord of Gomorrah.

This new world order demanded humans provide a certain amount of blood to the vampire authorities every year.

However, while most of humanity might have fallen to the vampires and their new world, there are some humans who actively resist the vampires and in fact some human blood was not palatable to the vampires.

 The first two episodes of MIDNIGHT’S WAR are live:

  1. Not Even The Wicked Dead
  2. They Also Serve

There will be two more episodes released prior to June 30th, which is when the short story contest ends. MIDNIGHT’S WAR is already one of the ten most popular entries in the Brain category, so it appears to have a decent shot at winning one of the prizes.

There is already serious studio interest in a series of movies based on MIDNIGHT’S WAR. The Legend and I have discussed working together on a regular monthly comic set in the Midnight World, but first we have to figure out how to support that as I don’t wish to do any more crowdfunding campaigns until we deliver AH, AH:Q, and the Junior Classics.

Speaking of the first two series, the Avalon 1-6 omnibus is nearly ready, AH #7 and AH:Q #3 are also rapidly approaching release.

Some of the early reactions to MIDNIGHT’S WAR:

  • It’s amazing to see how the art has improved in Arkhaven Comics as they develop the projects.
  • This needs to be made into a movie ASAP…. The setup here is what makes this extra-creepy.
  • That final panel needs to be a poster!
  • Incredible potential with this.
  • This is the best product around.
  • The level of art is far above mainline comics, you can actually tell what kind of pistol he carries.
  • Love the hero design, it makes me want to be a knight myself.