Totally not suspicious

Hey, it’s not particularly uncommon for people to drown when trying to save others from drowning, right? Except, that’s usually in the ocean, not a kiddy pool.

An 8-year-old girl, her mother and grandfather found dead in the pool of their New Jersey home died as a result of accidental drowning, the medical examiner’s office said Tuesday. The East Brunswick Police Department and Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office identified the victims as Bharat Patel, 62, his daughter-in-law Nisha Patel, 33, and her 8-year-old daughter.

The manner of death was accidental and the result of drowning, the county Medical Examiner’s Office said Tuesday. The family had moved into the home just 20 days earlier, police said.

A skeptic notes: What CNN fails to mention that she was the US Program officer at the Bill Gates Foundation and she oversaw 17 BILLION in Federal grants & budget spending under Obama. The three died in an above-ground pool that the adults should be able to stand up in…..

Curiouser and curiouser….