Allow me to reiterate

I do not watch videos. I will NEVER watch videos. So for the love of all that is Good and Beautiful and True, stop suggesting that I watch “just this one amazing video.”

VD – I know you don’t like videos but this is awesome.

First, I don’t give a single fragment of a quantum of a damn what anyone else thinks is awesome. I am not asking for video reviews. I am not requesting recommendations. I am not inspired by whatever it is that inspires you. I do not care about whatever it is that happens to enlighten you.

Second, I do understand that most people do not share my antipathy for videos and podcasts. That’s fine. I have no quarrel with their opinions and I am not offended that their preferences happen to differ from my own. If anyone wants to recommend a video or a podcast or a wax cylinder recording to others here, that is perfectly fine with me so long as they leave me out of it. I am very grateful that so many people so greatly appreciate and so staunchly support the videos being produced and published every day on UATV. Video is, without question, the dominant form of media today.

But what part of I DO NOT WATCH VIDEOS OR LISTEN TO PODCASTS is so hard for some of you to understand?


And I will never, ever, watch ANY video that is recommended to me no matter how many of you insist that because you are a Very Special Boy or Girl, I should ignore my preferences refined over four decades of informational intake because your one special video is the specialist special must-see inspirational series of moving pictures ever.

If you don’t understand why I absolutely hate all video and auditory informational exchange, let me put it into terms you might understand. I read at around 1,200 words per minute with full comprehension. That’s not an estimate or an exaggeration, as it has been repeatedly and reliably tested over a period of 34 years. I scan-read more than twice as fast as that when I’m reading casually to see if I’m interested in the subject or not. In contrast, videos and podcasts transmit information at around 150 words per minute on average.

And if you factor in the probability that whatever the person is saying in the video is something I already know in considerably more detail than is being addressed, then perhaps you can grasp that I view videos and podcasts as being considerably more akin to sadistic psychological torture than entertainment or inspiration.