Diversity comes calling

Simply minding your own business and keeping to yourself won’t save you from diversity. Because diversity will hunt you down and stab you, if that’s what it takes:

A knife attack in Reading which killed three people and left three others seriously injured has today been declared a ‘terrorist incident’. The terror suspect accused of stabbing three people to death and injuring three others in an attack in Reading is a 25-year-old ‘Libyan asylum seeker’ called Khairi Saadallah.

Counter-terrorism police will now take over the investigation after the frenzied attack which took place in Forbury Gardens, in the centre of Reading, Berkshire, on Saturday.

It comes after witnesses said a ‘Libyan’ knifeman targeted and stabbed people ‘at random’ before being ‘rugby-tackled’ to the ground by one unarmed police officer.

One witness said the attacker pulled a knife and ‘shouted some unintelligible words’ before trying to stab people in the packed park, which was said to be filled with families and young children at the time.

The witness said he saw the attacker stab three men ‘in the neck and under the arms’ before turning around and running at others.

The biggest tragedy, of course, would be if witnessing more British people stabbed and murdered by an African caused the British people to question their commitment to diversity.

It seems more than a little strange that the same British people who were perfectly willing to kill millions of Germans who didn’t even try to invade their isles, sit there like lambs just waiting to be slaughtered by hundreds of thousands of actual foreign invaders.