Hey JK, we’ll publish you

This futher underlines the central thesis of Corporate Cancer for even the most slow to grasp the concepts involved: SJWs do not care in the slightest about business or corporate revenue:

Publishing staff working on JK Rowling’s latest book threatened to down tools yesterday in protest at her views on gender. The Harry Potter author, 54, has endured a storm of protest since expressing ‘deep concerns’ about transgender activism in an essay last week in which she also described being a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Those criticising her have included movie stars she helped make famous.

It led to headlines such as ‘Bonfire of JK Rowling’ as the multi-million-pound empire she created threatened to turn against her.

Yesterday morning at publishing house Hachette, several of those involved in Miss Rowling’s new children’s book, The Ickabog, are said to have staged their own rebellion during a heated meeting. One source said: ‘Staff in the children’s department at Hachette announced they were no longer prepared to work on the book.

At this rate, Castalia will be one of the Big Three publishers before the final collapse of the United States into multipartite ethno-cultural war. SJWs act like they are demon-possessed because they are true believers in a de facto satanic neo-religious philosophy.

The thought-policing of authors even extends to the fans:

The editor of the world’s biggest Harry Potter fan site has urged supporters to stop buying JK Rowling’s books and films over the author’s ‘transphobia’ row.