The cops are quitting

A 27-year veteran police commander explains why he is abandoning the profession:

Doctors kill 250,000 people a year. They call them “medical mistakes” because society understands that they do a very difficult job under high stress and they must make the best possible decision in the moment.

Law enforcement is tasked with the same and we are highly successful. Despite the most violent society we have ever seen, less than 1,000 suspects are killed a year. 96{574700e7d57f0a5242f51645fa25e9fe0fd372296e9a798489edc6652e3f512a} are attacking us with weapons and all but a few others are attacking us with their cars or their fists and more and more with simulated guns so Benjamin Crump (an American civil rights attorney) can help their family win the lottery.

I’ve seen cops risk their own lives when they shouldn’t have… just to keep from taking one.

They never get the credit that other professions get.

Cowards are all around us. From chiefs to sheriffs to politicians, no one has our back.

Now, the little we have, we are told they are going to defund us or even abolish us. Citizens with a political agenda will reign over us and all you have to do is wake up and put on a uniform to be a racist.

This weekend I received death threats for just doing my job. It would have been outrageous a decade ago and made national news.

Now, it’s just a Monday.

There will be more threats, more accusations of racism and more lies told about us.

I used to talk cops out of leaving the job. Now I’m encouraging them.

It’s over America. You finally did it.

You aren’t going to have to abolish the police, we won’t be around for it.

On the one hand, it’s impossible to blame the man. Everything that he says is true. On the other hand, he leaves out a lot of the changes that have taken place over the course of the last 40 years. It must be admitted that many U.S. police forces helped bring the present situation about, as since the 1980s they were methodically corrupted. The combination of police unions, qualified immunity, militarization, asset seizures, affirmative action, and an unwillingness to convict genuinely bad cops resulted in a transformation from public servants keeping the peace to Law Enforcement Officers.

The police chose the wrong side and served the elite against the people. Now they stand in the way of the elite’s plans for what passes for society, so they are being cast aside and cannot reasonably expect any substantive support from the white Americans whose interests they have systematically betrayed for at least the last four decades.

All in all, it strikes me as an excellent time to launch a private security corporation.