CivNats are not on America’s side

Sarah Hoyt demonstrates why even those who appear to be more or less ideologically inclined to the Right are not genuinely on the side of America, Western civilization, or even the simple truth:

The good news is that we, as a society, have been wealthy enough for long enough to have raised a whole bunch of toddlers in adult bodies (most of which are the very white kiddies of antifa. Don’t let anyone tell you this is a race riot. This is a socialist riot. A series of them.)

Nothing, literally nothing, can stand in the way of the Paper American’s desperate need to believe that she isn’t Portuguese, she is a true, blue American, every bit as American as any Son or Daughter of the American Revolution. Because thanks to over a century of propaganda, most “conservatives” now believe that “America” isn’t an actual nation, it’s nothing more than an idea that anyone can claim.

Now, I grew up in Minnesota. I spent six years at, and graduated from, a Minneapolis school within walking distance of the epicenter of the riots at Hiawatha and Lake. I finished third in the 200m in the Region V (aka Minneapolis) championships behind a pair of sprinters from Minneapolis North, one of whom was a bona fide Disciple. I have very good friends who are living right smack dab in the middle of all this, fervently hoping that all the attacks on retail outlets and public institutions don’t turn into home invasions.

And it most certainly is a race riot. 

The fact that Antifa is taking advantage of the situation and is attempting to fan the flames of the local race riot into a national one does not change the fact that none of the chaos and destruction would have taken place if George Floyd had been Asian or if Derek Chauvin had been Black.

Civic Nationalists always lie, but one of the differences between them and SJWs is that the Civic Nationalist’s first victim is always himself. Or, in this case, herself. But regardless of her reasons, the fact is that Sarah Hoyt is a shameless liar.