The Boogaloos

Forget the Alt-Right! The retarded Left has a brand new bogeyman: The Boogaloos!

I was talking to a friend in Minneapolis when a guy pulled up on a motorcycle and explained to him that the violence wasn’t committed by the locals, it was by armed, white supremacists from outside the Twin Cities called Boogaloos who have travelled to Minneapolis in order to provoke a civil war. He’s got friends in the FBI who told him all about them, Governor Walz has even warned people about the dangerous Boogaloo movement, so he was going to visit all the nearby hotels and motels in order to write down the license plates of all the out-of-state cars, then turn them over to the police.

When my friend pointed out that all the nearby hotels and motels are closed due to the coronavirus restrictions, that didn’t even slow him down. He theorized that then these cunning invaders must be staying with local allies and sympathizers, so he was going to ride through the residential neighborhoods and find all the tell-tale license plates.