Pouring gas on the flames

The Mayor of Minneapolis, who was parachuted in from the East Coast with the objective of becoming a future Senator, is making it very clear whose side he is on.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey says last night’s violent protests are a reflection of the reality the black community has faced and 400 years of inequality. He says to ignore it would be to ignore the “values we all claim to have.”

The Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, gave the passionate speech that he needed to deliver to the hurt and angry black community in his city. He is telling them, their feelings are “not only understandable, they are right.”

It should be amusing to see him attempt to dance his way out of responsibility for the arson of which he was among the chief architects. And the hurt and angry jogger community is so understandable, and so right, that the Mayor has now asked for the Minnesota National Guard to assist them in their time of mourning.