Neil Gaiman is a massive prick

As, obviously enough, his ex-wife-to-be figured out before the rest of us:

Good Omens author Neil Gaiman has sparked outrage after he travelled 11,000 miles from New Zealand to the Isle of Skye so he and his wife could get ‘some space’ from each other.

The fantasy writer, 59, took to his blog on Thursday to describe his trip halfway  around the world from Auckland after he and singer Amanda Palmer hit a ‘rough place’ amid the coronavirus lockdown.

‘Hullo from Scotland, where I am in rural lockdown on my own,’ Gaiman wrote. ‘I’m half a world away from Amanda and [my son] Ash, and missing both of them a lot.’

He explained he had been living in New Zealand with Palmer and his son Ash, four, until two weeks ago, when the pair ‘agreed that we needed to give each other some space’ and he boarded a flight to London.

The pair, however, confirmed in a letter shared beneath the blog that they are ‘not getting divorced,’ and will ‘sort out our marriage in private.’

Gaiman said he borrowed a spare car from a friend after arriving in the UK and began the 600-mile drive north to his second home in Skye – despite Scottish officials urging Britons to stop travelling to the Islands.

‘What is it about people, when they know we are in the middle of the lockdown, that they think they can come here from the other side of the planet, in turn endangering local people from exposure to this infection that they could have picked up at any step of the way?’ local MP Ian Blackford added, according to the Sunday Times. ‘To descend on this island at this time, when we have a serious outbreak, which has resulted in such tragic circumstances — it pays scant respect to the families of the bereaved and the people who live here.’

What a solipsistic retard. Keep in mind, these are exactly the sort of people that SJWs revere. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to learn that Gaiman and his wife were previously lecturing people on the vital importance of staying home and staying safe.