Revising Internet history

For SJWs and their historical antecedents, it is always Year Zero and we have always been at war with Eastasia:

Last month, MIT Technology Review went after the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine – a service that preserves historical versions of webpages and allows users to access archives of these pages when they’re deleted.

MIT Technology Review complained that these archives were allowing coronavirus “misinformation” to evade moderators and fact-checkers and that these archived coronavirus articles had “better performance than most mainstream media news stories.”

Now, just a few weeks later, the Wayback Machine has started to add warning labels to some of its archives, while also forcing users to log in to view some of the archived content on the site.

The warning labels are bright yellow, appear at the top of some archived pages, and tell users when a post was removed for violating a site’s content policy.

Every institution and organization that is not dedicated to rooting out and keeping out the parasites will eventually be converged by them. No rational appeals to functionality, competence, merit, or profit will ever suffice to stop them.