She’s not done

Episode 6 of Chuck Dixon’s Avalon is now live on Webtoons.

The good news: Now that Toaster Dude has been promoted to Original, Alt★Hero has moved up to #6 in the Superhero category, with more than 30,000 views and a subscriber/episode ratio over 540. This latter ratio appears to be the most important metric on the platform, as the top Canvas comics average between 1,500 and 3,500 subscribers per episode. The top Originals, which obviously have the benefit of significant algorithm-push behind them, average over 20,000 subscribers per episode.

The bad news: SJWs there have discovered Alt★Hero and driven its rating down from 9.53 to 9.30 in a matter of hours. The ride never ends.

If you want an easy way to take part in the war, download the app, subscribe, and rate. It literally costs you nothing.

UPDATE: Alt★Hero is now #4 and CDA is #9 in the Superhero category.