UATV 2.0

All Annual and Premium subscribers have now been invited to the new Unauthorized site, which I am delighted to say is Legion-made from the custom server and database to the front end and the content administrator. Please share your thoughts and experiences here, particularly as related to current performance and desired features for the future. We’ll be inviting the Creator subscribers next, beginning with The Legend and Gardening subscriptions. We currently have about 100 videos there, with more being added every day.

If you’re seeing slow video responses, please be sure to let us know if you are in the USA or not, as slower initial responses from Europe and Asia are anticipated. The bug with the 0:00:00 time on the more recent videos is known and we are in the process of addressing it. UPDATE: The video time display bug is fixed.

Please note that the black circle spinning in the center of the video does NOT necessarily indicate a slow playback issue, but rather, indicates that the buffering of the entire video is still ongoing. We are currently addressing that as well.

UPDATE: Good news from Asia.

Just dropping a note to let you know that the new UATV site works from China. Still a bit slow (probably due to throttling by the Great Firewall), but much, much better than before.

UPDATE: It would appear the audio-stripping function is working properly too.

Listened to an audio only stream today. Worked great.