Are you ready to ride again?

A meme warriors notes that Sony is thrashing about in response to the leaks of the SJW-converged The Last of Us II in a manner that may presage The Return of GamerGate:

Sony appears hellbent on starting GamerGate 2.0.

  • This wasn’t really a leak; it was clearly data released to do significant damage to the game. Sony has already spun at least two different narratives that don’t work around the leak.
  • It’s a barely disguised fetish simulator. It’s a snuff/torture/tranny fetish story where a mediocre stealth/cover shooter happens for a while.
  • You spend time having to play as the steroid monster, that’s apparently “female”, that killed the protagonist from the first game that everyone liked. With a golf club, for apparently no reason but Symbolism.
  • Most can guess exactly what the Creative Lead looks like without having to do more than describe the plot of this game.
  • This event will fit textbook examples for “Don’t Let Gammas get into positions of power”, Corporate Cancer and SJWs Always Lie.

GG was consumer revolt, but it always had that hard, clean hook of “ethics in gaming journalism”. Sony’s catastrophic screwups on the legal side means they’ve made the commentary community, which covers all of the non-Access Media places, angry at them and already very hostile. That gives six weeks before the game launches (it went Gold on Monday), which is just enough time for the professional gaming media to forget and then collectively insult everyone who doesn’t genuflect before the game when it launches.

That’s when this blows up, if Sony doesn’t realize how big of a disaster they’re headed into over the next month.

 The firewood, kindling and gasoline are already there, the only thing lacking is the match. I would assume, today, that they will light it (because SJWs), but they could prevent it from happening. The Gaming Media will automatically SJW-shill it, but it’s whether they’re acting coordinated or not that’ll matter. None of the corporate media sites said anything until Sony made an official statement, which means Sony’s Marketing is pulling their strings. But if the Gaming Media is going to form a battleline, they’ve doubled down into a war they’ve already lost.

Also, the stupidity of the game is endlessly memeable in picture form. That’ll really make it fun. That’s the state of things at the moment. Corporate Cancer, indeed.