Keep your gates

And defend your interests. Inclusivity is just another word for invasion, and diversity is just a synonym for destruction:

This is where the inclusivity experiment must end. Everything cannot be made for everyone, no matter how much some people try. Popular media with decades of history should not be trashed just so individuals who didn’t even like it in the first place can feel at home. And since most companies don’t have the balls to stand up to internet outrage, it’s up to long-term fans to shut down those who want to forcefully enact change. So, for as much backlash as the woke crowd is already receiving, they need to get even more of it. These people don’t deserve to feel welcome in our hobbies. There is no place for them here.

On the same hand, I don’t belong in theirs. If they create a new property built around stopping orc racism and snagging the land back from colonizers using the power of rainbows and hugs, who am I to barge in and demand they include more death and murder? That would be a game that caters to them, and they deserve to have that, just as we deserve to have our D&D with orcs as they have always been.

Gatekeeping. It’s for the best.

Don’t be afraid to kick people out of your games, groups, and organizations. No one has a right to be involved, and they certainly don’t have a right to demand changes that will suit their preferences or psychological issues.

And different people suit different roles. A perfectly suitable player might make for a terrible DM or guild master just as a first-rate sales manager can turn out to be a horrifically bad director of sales and marketing. The Peter Principle applies to entertainment as well as business.