Mailvox: yes, they will go down

The big publishers were already in trouble before the corona-chan crisis:

Back when the Greek bail-out was taking place, you wrote about the eventual financial collapse. At the end, you said it will probably be something out of left field, probably China that brings down the house of cards. This was around 2010-11.

The ripple effects of Corona-chan will take on a life of its own. I was reading that AMC Theaters announced they are halting payments on leased property. Many businesses run on a thin margin, which is now gone. There just is not going to be enough money for the Treasury to print to save everything. At some point, the Fed is going to be helpless at trillions of Monopoly money simply disappears.

AMC gone- gone, Barnes & Noble- gone, Sun Your Buns- gone. Las Vegas-gone. Friday’s and Applebee’s- gone.

Will any of the big publishers go down?

One local hospital is laying workers off, another gave a 20{de336c7190f620554615b98f51c6a13b1cc922a472176e2638084251692035b3} pay cut to at least nurses. Both are part of large statewide systems. Too big to fail? We could have absorbed 100,000, even 200,000 deaths without flinching much. The system could not survive an economic shutdown.

With the world economy in recession, Will Xi last? Could an imploding China decide to roll the dice with military action?

The Chi-coms shutdown Wu-han but allowed travel to the West. Did they figure out this was an attack? If from the Deep State, why? I thought the Deep State was all for sending manufacturing to China and gutting the U.S. Or a faction within the Deep State fighting with another faction within the Deep State?

Everyone needs to stop conflating the Deep State with a single country or government. There is no “China” or “US government” that can be considered to be wholly Deep State, which consists of individuals and organizations that can be of any nominal nationality.

But in answer to the questions:

Yes, the Big Five will become a Big Three before long. Eventually, a Big Two plus Amazon, which should be considered a publisher at this point.

Yes, Xi will last. Lee Kuan Yew considered him to be the most astute politician of the 21st century. He appears to have already taken the most important step related to China inheriting the mantle of global leader from the USA, which was preventing the Deep State from controlling the Chinese financial and technology sectors.

If my reading between the lines of the mainstream media is correct, the Deep State appears to be at war with both China and Russia, as well as with the Trump administration. It has factions within those countries, but unlike in the USA, they have not recently been the ruling factions.