Why Trump is a GREAT President

The God-Emperor’s Silent War continues. As Q has repeatedly reminded us, the enemy is absolutely sick.

Four children, one as young as two-months-old old, have been filmed being raped before the videos were distributed to sick paedophiles all over the world. Sixteen people were charged with 728 sexual abuse and child exploitation offences after a two-year investigation by the Australian Federal Police in conjunction with the US Department of Homeland Security.

The children were reportedly related to their abusers, who used the dark web and encryption technologies to send explicit images and videos around the world before they were finally rescued.

AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw said the coronavirus lockdown had created a surge in activity on the dark web, including grooming and live-streaming, and warned parents to be hyper aware of what their children are doing online at all times. ‘It is very hard to explain to a society, to people who don’t see the images,’ he told The Australian. ‘These involve images like you’ve never seen before.’

Three of the rescued children were from New South Wales and one from Victoria, while the offenders include five people from Queensland, four from Western Australia, three from Victoria and NSW and one in South Australia.

There were 632 charges related to those from Victoria and 70 to those in NSW, with all 16 charged with contact offending and producing and exchanging child sex material through the internet.

Evidence from the arrests led detectives to believe child pornography was being produced in Australia for distribution around the world.

Notice the involvement of Homeland Security. One sincerely hopes they are actively hunting down the customers.