Subversion may bankrupt Labour

The recent ascendance of the philosemitic wing of the Labour Party may be very short-lived:

Labour faces multi-millionpound lawsuits over a leaked antisemitism report that could ‘bankrupt’ the party.

Sources close to whistleblowers and complainants whose identities were revealed by the leak say Labour could face a legal bill as high as £8million – effectively putting it out of business.

They say more than 30 individuals, including general secretary Jennie Formby, may sue the party over breach of privacy and for putting their safety at risk. The dire warning came as Labour officials were hastily forced to delete addresses from party membership databases to protect some people now apparently receiving death threats after their identities were made public….

The threat of massive legal bills has sparked panic among senior party figures that they could be personally liable.

I’ve read the report. It’s very damning, although not necessarily in the way one might think. Basically, the report is a put-up job written to support the false narrative being pushed by the (((Blairites))) who recently unseated the Corbynites and took over the party leadership. It turns out that more than HALF of the anti-semitism complaints were filed by a single invididual; the whole thing is little more than an amplified variant on the rabbi painting swastikas on the synagogue.

It appears that the Corbynites have decided that if they’re going to be pushed out of the party, they’re going to leave their successors with nothing but scorched earth. To put it in American terms, it’s as if the John Birch Society burned down the Republican Party instead of permitting the neocons to take it over.