Jury fraud and fake justice

The railroading of Roger Stone continues:

The federal judge overseeing the trial of longtime Trump associate Roger Stone on Thursday denied his motion for a new trial, which was based on a claim of juror bias.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said Stone’s lawyers failed to demonstrate that a woman selected as a juror was biased against President Donald Trump, that she failed to disclose those views during jury selection and that she should not have been allowed to serve.

“The defendant has not shown that the juror lied; nor has he shown that the supposedly disqualifying evidence could not have been found through the exercise of due diligence at the time the jury was selected,” the judge said.

The fact that the defendant showed the juror lied and that she was biased, was, of course irrelevant. This is why The Trial of Roger Stone has to be read in order to be believed. The corruption of the justice system is even worse than you probably imagine.