Shutting down Congress

It is a national emergency, after all. It’s interesting to see how the President is continuing to assert his authority while continuing to deny resources and restricting the capabilities of bad actors:

Today President Trump warned congress he may invoke Article II, sec 3, due to the COVID-19 crisis and his need for administration positions that have been delayed by democrats in the Senate for more than two years.

The coronavirus pandemic would seem to qualify as an “unusual circumstance” where recess appointments would be needed, valid and justified. However, senate democrats would likely fight any attempt in court.  The Senate has refused to adjourn session since President Trump was inaugurated, and multiple cabinet officials have been blocked from confirmation.

The disingenuousness of the President’s opponents has seldom been more clear than the protests that “this is not the right time” to defund the World Health Organization. But if a time when the organization has been exposed as being corrupt, inept, ineffective, and criminally negligent is not the right time to stop funding it, there will never be a right time.

That being said, if I had one piece of advice to give the President, it would be to stop threatening and posturing. Just do it! The time for negotiations is over. This is a full-blown war and the evil being fought is not reasonable and will not fight fair.