The Devil Mouse is dying

Corona-chan has hit the Devil Mouse hard:

Media industry analyst Hal Vogel estimated that Disney is losing roughly $30 million a day amid the coronavirus pandemic, The New York Times reported. Disney has closed its theme parks and cruise lines, and has postponed the releases of several films, including Black Widow and Mulan, leading to massive drops in revenue as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread.

Disney’s focus on “experiences” over “on-screen entertainment” was once both coveted and imitated, but is now completely impossible to execute amid a pandemic that forces everyone to socially distance.

Even Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, which is ideal for those staying inside, and reportedly racked up 50 million subscribers in 5 months is financially struggling due to the lack of new content, as all entertainment productions have come to a standstill.

The combination of these losses led Disney to borrow $6 billion last month, and they continue to lose “$30 million or more a day,” according to Vogel.

I really don’t see how Marvel stays alive in this scenario. They’re getting hit from both ends, by Disney and by Diamond, as the struggles of the former make it difficult to bail them out from the situation created by the non-payments of the latter. The challenges facing the establishment comics is why we are now redoubling our efforts to produce new content and why we are supporting The Legend in his latest endeavor.