Secret King wins again!

A reader emailed me this amusing proclamation of victory by a collection of Internet gammas:

Marvelous Milestone in the History of the Sub Dedicated to the Misanthropic Midget

My Fellow Gammericans,

I remember it like it was yesterday. That day several months back, when I lead the bloodless coup to overtake r/VoxDay. After taking and holding the high ground at The Battle for Spaghetti Hill, it quickly became apparent that reinforcements would not be arriving to defend Dork Lord’s honor.

On that day, this sub had a paltry 84 members. Our ranks have since swelled to 200 Gammas strong- from all across the Flat Realm. Secret Kings all and chomping at the bit to bite some Unauthorized ankles. Indeed, Kings, I promise you ankles aplenty.

Take pride in this day, GSK. Yet, take heed- the war rages on. I beseech you to not rest on the laurels, for the Unauthorized Empire still looms ahead, albeit battered and greatly bruised. We are still called to man the basements battle-ready.

However, on this day we feast on the bones of Alphas chased down with the tears of Sigmas. Celebrate, for you all have earned it. Troll hard or go home, as our Gamma forbear Marv Albert once said.

Faithfully Yours in Gammahood,

Grand Inquisitor Ipse

It’s always amusing when people of whom you know absolutely nothing and care even less are convinced that their actions are of supreme interest to you. Projection, I suppose. We’re a bit too busy these days to pay attention to how the anklebiters are occupying themselves these days. But, as long as it keeps them happy and they stay on the right side of the law, I suppose it’s harmless enough.

It is mildly surprising that Reddit would even permit the continued existence of an r/VoxDay when even the Wikipedia page about me has less information than it did ten years ago.