NFL should start on time

The President expects the NFL season to begin as scheduled:

The President conducted a conference call with sports commissioners on Saturday, and as to one sport in particular he expressed an opinion.

Via, Donald Trump said that he believes the NFL’s regular season should begin on time in September. Trump also added that he hopes to have fans in stadiums and arenas by August and September.

The question you should be asking yourself in response to this is not “doesn’t the President understand epidemiology?”, but “what does the President know about the situation that you do not?”

Let’s face it, he’s already gone two-for-two in the face of the media narrative, first with regards to flights from China and second about the efficacity of Hydroxychloroquine against the coronavirus. I’d be willing to bet he’ll go three-for-three contra the establishment media narrative concerning sex-trafficking once that news finally breaks.

At this point, only a wilfully-ignorant fool bets against the God-Emperor.