She’s not necessarily wrong

A woman recommends staying away from sigma males:

He’s not your usual type, so you have no plans to fall in love.

You discover: he’s interesting, he’s fascinating, he might very well be a genius. When he talks about data sets, somehow it’s poetry to your ears. His hobbies are unexpected and wide-ranging: philosophy, fishing, tango.

He was a terrible student in high school, yet highly accomplished outside of it. Maybe he traveled across Europe for chess tournaments, or around the U.S. for tennis championships, or spent long hours sketching art in a black sketch book.

There was one teacher in particular that believed in him, and that made all the difference.

He’s extraordinarily successful, astonishingly well-connected. If he was bored in school, he’s been challenged like no other in his career. He has driven an original idea or ambition to completion, with a discipline and willpower you can only imagine, achieved what most humans could only dream of.

And yet the more successful and brilliant he is in a particular area, the more awkward and incompetent he is in the most basic of others: he forgets to eat, he can’t pick out his own clothes, he can’t boil an egg.

But you smile when you learn of these quirks. You find them endearing.

She’s probably right, on average, although it is clear that she seriously underestimates the sigma’s appeal to other women. As a general rule, most women simply don’t believe, at least not initially, how attractive sigmas are to other women because they find it difficult to believe it of any man who is not a conventional alpha. And, of course, being solipsistic by nature, the average woman has absolutely no idea how utterly average her inclinations are.

On a tangential note, I don’t think I’ll ever forget the time an attractive woman said, in all seriousness, that she was different because she was really only attracted to tall, good-looking alpha males, who had a little bit, although not too much, of an an edge to them. Yeah, that’s totally different from every other woman on the planet….

But the one thing the writer is missing, naturally, is that the sigma doesn’t necessarily follow any particular pattern with regards to women. He’s not an alpha, so he’s just as likely to be faithful as unfaithful, and being iconoclastic by nature, is equally capable of going off and joining a monastery, a blues band, or the French Foreign Legion. He’s not a gamma, so he’s not going to put any woman on a pedestal. And even the sigma is seldom able to predict his own path with any degree of reliability; I certainly didn’t. But it is true that whatever the sigma’s decision might be, she’s not going to get a vote unless that happens to be an element of his individual code.

And just in case you’re harboring any suspicions, I am reliably informed that Spacebunny did not write this….

PS: Note to the gammas reading this: this does not apply to you. Yes, you’re smarter than the norm and your social life is less than active. Doesn’t matter. Remember how obsessed you were with that one girl? Right.