An Arkhaven subscription

Given the chaos in the comics industry, Team Arkhaven has been brainstorming about the best way to build up the comics offensive in the culture war and we’ve returned to the oft-suggested idea of the monthly Arkhaven subscription.

While I have been very negative about this from the start, the combination of a) the success of The Replatforming, both in terms of support and our ability to meet the production demands, and, b) the ongoing collapse of the establishment comics industry, has caused me to rethink my previous position.

Which leads us to the question: what should that monthly subscription look like? At the most basic level, we know there will be a $1 subscription for some form of monthly digital comic. But what else? Note that the basic subscription would be entirely NEW comics, although there might be tiers that allow people to get caught up on Alt-Hero or whatever.

Share your thoughts, please.

UPDATE: Here are my first thoughts in response to the suggestions.

  1. The comics need to be standard length. 20-page stories instead of the 24-pages we’ve been doing.
  2. The $1 subscription will get you the digital comic of the month. This could be anything except material produced specifically for the AH or AHQ campaigns. The Caligan campaign material would be included because it has far fewer backers. Could be Big Bear, Shade, A Throne of Bones, Chicago Typewriter, etc. Essentially, it’s a robust monthly sampler.
  3. A $3 subscription will get you the digital comic of the month + whatever series to which you want to receive whenever a new one comes out. This could be anything from AH to QM:AMD. Add $2 for each additional series subscription.
Question: how to handle getting new subscribers caught up on existing series. Starting each series subscription from first issue is a logistical nightmare. Still working on the numbers for the various print options. Anyhow, please continue to share your thoughts. At the moment, it looks complicated and not necessarily worthwhile, but probably not impossible.