Corona-chan may kill women’s sports

A reader writes about the beneficial impact of the health crisis on the world of sports:

I have been watching the economic impact that this virus could potentially have on the sports landscape. I read this article where the University of Florida AD discusses the economic impact of missing football season. 85 percent of the athletic department’s budget comes from football. One season without football and we can bid adieu to women’s sports. I can already hear the shrieks.

Also, I found it very interesting that the NBA has had to increase their line of credit from $650M to $1.2B to cover operational costs. They already lost $200M before the season started with their Chinese debacle so this can’t be good for the most “woke” league in all of sports. The NBA is not nearly as popular as the media makes you think. ESPN breathlessly covers it because they spent $24B on a contract to air games until 2025. With the financial perils ESPN faces, I find it hard to see them making it through that contract. Now I’m sure that league will do everything they can do to keep an already bottomless money pit in the WNBA afloat, but for how long?

Personally I love college football and enjoy the NFL. But if going one year without it means we rid ourselves of a lot of nonsense I can gladly find other things to fill my Saturdays in the fall.

Is there anything she can’t do?