The failed art of civilization

As I have previously mentioned, civilization is the art of permitting large numbers of people to live in close proximity without dying like flies. It is now evident that civilization, not merely Western or French civilization, but the very art of civilization itself, is failing in France:

While French Covid-19 lockdown rules declare fines of nearly €4,000 for citizens repeatedly flouting quarantine, a secretary of state has reportedly admitted poor, gang-riddled suburbs will be left to their own devices.

As President Macron declared France at war with the coronavirus, public health officials and those on the frontline applauded what looked like decisive leadership… but the reality is a hotchpotch of Gallic double standards that undermine any attempts to put a lid on the spread of Covid-19.

Because French police understand that they don’t have much chance of enforcing the draconian measures on freedom of movement with which everyone in France is expected to comply on those citizens living in the poverty-stricken banlieues that outly the larger French cities.

As the emergency services union Synergie-Officiers pointed out on Twitter: “It is illusory to think that certain individuals in ‘sensitive neighborhoods’ comply with good citizenship in the state of the current legislation.”

The accompanying video shows two police vainly trying to disperse a growing gang of youths as the threat level creeps higher.

To paraphrase Ivan Drago, if they die, they die. Why shed any tears, or even lift a finger, to try saving barbarians from themselves. They, too, have free will. And they have the right to live how they prefer to live.

If the French are dumb enough to permit barbarians to live among them, then they have chosen the obvious and inevitable consequences and should be permitted to suffer them accordingly.