The more things change

The urban rich are beginning to discover why all the rich Romans maintained country estates to which they retreated during the summer plague months:

Wealthy families desperate to escape the coronavirus crisis in London are fleeing the infested city for the country – with some offering up to £50,000-a-month for a rural sanctuary.

British estate agents have been flooded with requests from the super-rich searching for mansions with bunkers, Cotswolds manor houses and uninhabited Caribbean islands to buy. And aristocrats, heiresses and society models are avoiding busy cities like London by staying at their gorgeous countryside homes – including the likes of Emma, Viscountess Weymouth and Lady Mary Charteris.

It comes as London faces plunging deeper into lockdown within days – and potentially with just 12 hours notice – amid fears the ‘superspreader city’ is driving the UK’s Covid-19 crisis.

One thing the open borders and human equality crowds have never understood is that civilization is little more than the art of permitting large numbers of humans to live in close proximity without dying like flies. Import too many barbarians and it won’t be long before that art is lost.

In fact, the modern human life expectancy has not significantly increased in two thousand years when compared with the average lifespan of a rural Roman who survived childhood.