The Book of the Month

This month’s Replatforming book is timely, in light of the global pandemic taking place just as spring approaches. It is, of course, GROW OR DIE: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening by David the Good. Now you can acquire it for as little as $1 and join the Replatforming in one fell swoop.

What if everything collapsed tomorrow? What if the shelves on the supermarket were empty? What if you couldn’t get gas for your tiller? What if you didn’t stockpile fertilizer… or water? What if you’ve never even planted a garden in your life… and your life depended on growing your own food?

Don’t panic!

GROW OR DIE: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening has the answers. From hand tools that will till the ground better than a tractor to plans for growing all the calories you need in a crisis to easy-to-follow crop rotations that will beat the pests, this book is the cheapest insurance you can own against the crash we all know is coming sooner or later.

You’ll discover how to scrounge for seeds in unlikely places. How to till without a tiller. How to preserve your harvest. How to beat pests without poison. How to convert a lawn into a food factory. How to garden to survive in emergencies and crises.

Join the Replatforming here. Ebook, audio, and paperback. If you’re already a Replatformer, please note that today is the last day you can redeem your coupons and download WARDOGS INC. #1. The February paperbacks will go out next week.