The rotten fruit of National Review

Crazy Days and Nights retro-outs William F. Buckley:

This deceased writer/publisher of a well known magazine that still runs was also known for having a television show. His manner and speaking style were mocked on sketch comedy shows many times.

He preferred sexual relations with men rather than with women but like a lot of men of his generation he could not acknowledge this and so married and had children. In addition, the audience he cultivated would not have accepted this.

He spent a lot of time with homosexual prostitutes from a specific procurer.  He would often tell his favorites that he would refer to them on his TV show by assigning them an obscure word, Latin or old English, and then use the word on his show that week.

The “intellectual force behind the modern conservative movement” was always a complete fraud. It may interest you to know that while I was signed by Universal Press Syndicate with the idea that I was the young right-wing writer most capable of filling in for his supposedly formidable shoes, I never thought that either his columns or his novels were very good.

In fact, I found both of them to be borderline unreadable, the columns in particular being masterpieces in sounding educated and intellectual without ever saying much of anything at all. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that modern conservatism went nowhere and accomplished nothing, as it is the rotten fruit of an inverted tree.