Superversive Press shutters

Joshua Young, one of the Superversive stalwarts, announces the closing of Superversive Press:

It is with great sadness that I bring you the announcement that the owner of Superversive Press has made the decision to shutter the press. His reasons are his own and personal, and I understand that running even a small company is a large amount of work.

It’s much harder to run a small independent press than most people, even most writers, understand. And doing so since the advent of Kindle Unlimited, which reduced the ebook market by about 80 percent, has made it next to impossible.

That doesn’t apply to Castalia House, however. We intentionally set it up as a zero-risk structure that will keep running, more or less automatically, regardless of what just about anyone, including us, does in the future. And, of course, we have been aggressively exploring other markets, which has tended to strengthen our core business. But our biggest strength is our modestly-sized, but fiercely loyal base of our regular readers.

So don’t worry about Castalia. I can’t say for certain that things have never been better, as we did have a really good moment there in 2017 before the bottom dropped out of the ebook market, but things have definitely never looked more promising.