A challenge to Catholics

The Kurgan lays out a logical case for Sede Privationism for nominal Roman Catholics:

In order to make this very simple and to show that there is literally not a single valid refutation to the position of Sede Privationism, I have constructed the below logical argument.

Please note there are several resources at the end of the post to find legitimate Mass Centers and clerics

Axiom: The Catholic Church is the true and Valid Church instituted by Jesus Christ on Earth. This is the assumed starting axiomatic point. That is, regardless of if you personally agree or not with it, for the purposes of this argument it is assumed to be true and correct as our starting point.

Question 1. Is the Pio-Benedictine code of canon law of 1917 the legitimate code of Catholic Canon Law that was legitimately and correctly put together by the Church?

If Yes, go on to question 2.

If No, demonstrate this with specificity and exhaustive proof.

Question 2. The Vatican II documents are 16 documents produced between 1963 and 1965. Do you agree that in every case these documents contain heresy that is not in keeping with the doctrine of the Catholic Church from the start to at least 1958?
Reference:The Heresies of Vatican II

If Yes, go on to question 3.

If No, you’re probably a vile heretic yourself, but go, on, try and refute even just the linked reference document IN DETAIL and specifics. Honestly, you can’t because facts are facts and objective truth exists.

Those are just the first two questions. There are four in all. Read the whole thing there, if it is a matter of concern to you. Being a non-denominational Christian, I’m not particularly interested one way or the other; it seems readily apparent to me that the current so-called “Pope Francis” is about as genuinely a legitimate Christian bishop as I am the President of the Milky Way Galaxy.