The bowties dither

I tend to suspect these rumors may be true, simply because it reminds me of all the conservative morons who are more afraid of winning the wrong way than continuing to lose:

BREAKING: DEVELOPING (RUMINT) D.C. @GOP supposedly have some extremely salacious pictures of @RepAdamSchiff that were recovered when the @FBI served search warrants on Ed Buck’s drug den in Los Angeles. There is debate on whether these obscene pictures should be publicly leaked.

This isn’t even remotely hard. Let the light shine. Let the American people know the truth, whatever it is, about their so-called “leaders”.

It doesn’t matter if winning knocks your damned bowtie askew or not. Damn the bowties and their idiotic obsession with grace and style. If you’re not willing to fight, if you’re not willing to take a punch or two, and especially if you’re not willing to punch your opponent in the face as many times as it takes, then stay the hell out of the ring and get the hell out of our way.

Starting nothing is good. But finishing everything is the point.