Convergence in Chicago

A CFO and Corporate Cancer reader observes that Google thinks the best places to work in Chicago are the most converged:

I read the book — great book, by the way — and I heartily agree with the convergence model. As a result, my radar is up now to spot the signs. I’ve been a CFO for over thirty years, and I’ve seen the business world taken over by this mindset as well as an increasing voracity for quick riches above serving core customer constituencies.

For example, please find Google’s Best Places to Work in Chicago. What is most interesting about the companies listed are the little, square icons summarizing the “perks” at the bottom of each summary. Notice how many have “Full-time Diversity Team” or other such monikers. If they were listed on the exchanges, I’d be shorting them today.

Thanks again for writing the book.

He is, of course, quite welcome. I’m just pleased to see that corporate executives are reading the book and looking for signs of convergence in their organizations.