Mailvox: how little they learn

Apparently it is very difficult for some to resist the sweet siren song of media attention:

I know you don’t care about internet personalities but this one seemed too on-point not to mention.

JF Gariepy has agreed to do an interview with Canadian media re: nationalism He has agreed to this despite numerous warnings from his fans who have pointed out the many smear jobs with which you are familiar.

Moreover, he believes he will use his great intellect and clever wording to prevent the possibility of negative framing — and thus will not be recording the interview himself because “it’s not what a man would do”.

Just thought you might be amused at how little people learn.

I am amused indeed, in part because I turned down no fewer than three separate requests for interviews and media appearances today. This interview should end about as well for JFG as his evolution debate with me.

And, just in case it still hasn’t registered with everyone here, I repeat: don’t talk to the media!