Little Nicky debate challenge, take three

A Nickler pushes a false narrative:

It is very telling that Vox Day ‘challenges’ Nick Fuentes to debate when Nick is also streaming. He doesn’t have the decency…balls….to ask Nick himself. He streams it and waits for people to send Nick messages about it livr on his own streams. It shows Vox is a snake.

 Dear Nick

I have been informed that you are willing to debate me so long as the subject is not related to the Holocaust. Very well. I propose a written debate concerning your following assertion:

Americans have to live with multiracialism.

I suggest we limit our entries to 2,500 words each, with no more than three entries apiece. As you will be arguing in the affirmative, I am willing to let you have the first word. I also suggest that we agree either party is permitted to publish the entire debate verbatim.

Please email me your first entry at your earliest convenience. I will post it at my blog without modification or comment.



Another Nickler pushed another false narrative:

Vox Day didn’t want to debate.  That’s why he made it a written debate on a topic Nick isn’t interested in.  He’s afraid of Nick’s ability to use rhetoric which is why he wanted to make it in writing

To which I responded by sending the following email to Nick Fuentes:

Dear Nick,

A number of your followers apparently believe I am afraid to debate you live online because you are, and I quote, “a master of rhetoric”. This is not even remotely true. I don’t fear you in the slightest.

So, I am happy to challenge you to a live debate on the same subject I previously suggested, namely, your contention that Americans have to live with multiracialism.

If you would like to do it on the Killstream with Ethan Ralph, that is fine with me.



Does anyone seriously doubt that Little Nicky will behave exactly like Ben Shapiru and run away a third time? I don’t give a flying fragment of an airborne rodent’s posterior about him, and I certainly don’t fear a disrespectful little would-be media whore who doesn’t have my education, my experience, or my intelligence.

He can make all the excuses he wants about optics, irrelevance, or hirsuteness. But everyone knows perfectly well why he is running away from me. I truly don’t care if he shows up to debate or if he doesn’t. If he does, I’ll deal with him exactly like I’ve dealt with every previous opponent. If he doesn’t, he’ll continue to be completely irrelevant to me.