No sympathy for Shapiro

I wonder if the Littlest Chickenhawk is beginning to feel differently about his past calls for instigating violence and putting people in harm’s way when it’s he and his family who are being targeted instead of the young American men he encouraged to invade “Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and others” in the name of empire.

Ben Shapiro, the conservative talk show host and editor of The Daily Wire, was the target of serious death threats and the suspect has just been arrested … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Shapiro, who frequently appears on cable news shows and has a hugely popular podcast, filed a police report with the LAPD. We’re told the threats were not just against Shapiro but his family as well. He’s married with one daughter.

We’re told the Department got in touch with the FBI and created a joint task force to hunt down the culprit. Our sources say a man was arrested Wednesday in Washington state for making the threats. We’re told these threats were “extremely serious” … not just someone blowing off steam.

I have zero sympathy for Ben Shapiro. None whatsoever. He’s a libelous and shameless liar who despises America and Americans, hates Jesus Christ, and is actively attempting to subvert history and redefine Western civilization out of existence in the same way his predecessors self-servingly redefined both America and its Christian heritage.

It’s very easy to call for war and violence when you think you’re untouchable. But no one is untouchable except the dead.

As for death threats, BFD. I’ve been getting them for 18 years. As the moderators know, I’m still getting them in the comments from time to time; the last set was just two weeks ago.