Mailvox: Bye, Gamma

Professor Julian checks all the boxes in a single email.

Although your narcissism has been quite amusing, I’m afraid I must ban you now. Your rants haven’t convinced me that your IQ is anywhere above 105, and as one administering IQ tests weekly, I should know. Regretfully, I don’t like to associate with average IQ people.

To which I simply responded “Bye, Gamma.” What else is there to say?

Do you see how easy it is to spot these characters? So much so that we can safely conclude that this guy isn’t even a genuine professor at a university, but is actually some sort of less-credentialed non-academic who has granted himself the title.

UPDATE: His inevitable response:

Gamma…LOL Not that smart, are you?…LMAO

Gammas must have such a wonderful life. They’re just laughing so hard all the time….