Dread Ilk down

The Winged Hussar is no longer with us

Patrick was a fearless man. In fact, I am pretty sure his fear was reserved for God alone. During his treatments, diagnoses, etc., he continued to admonish men to be manly, and we could learn from that, as well. He wrote an article for us on that last year:

Everyone has fear, and everyone experiences doubt.There is no magic bullet that will cure fear, but YOU CAN change how you handle your fears. Fear can be paralyzing, but it can also be the strongest catalyst for change. The difference between a hero and a coward is which way you run when the shit hits the fan.  It’s the difference between being the weird little boy who was unpopular, sexually abused, picked on, and afraid of his own shadow, and the lion no one wants to poke when he’s sleeping.

When the fear of remaining as you are becomes greater than your fear of rejection, failure, or whatever it is that stands between you and where you need to be….you’re ready to begin the process of change. It takes a conscious effort to resign yourself to whatever may come, stride forward, take it on the chin,and push through till victory is yours. But in time, it becomes who you are, and fear becomes fuel.

So by all means, honor your wife, deal kindly with your children, provide for your family, and be charitable to your neighbor..but first and foremost, BE A MAN!

Today, we will mourn our beloved friend – not for his gain, but for our loss

Rest in peace, Patrick. And for every Man of the West who falls, let two more rise to take his place.