Redefining Western Civilization

Having seen how his forefathers successfully redefined America out of existence to suit themselves with their ahistorical Melting Pot mythology, Ben Shapiro is now attempting to redefine Western Civilization in order to better suit his Neo-Palestinian perspective. That’s what it means for him to be on “the right side of history”. From a comment on the Darkstream:

I mentioned his Tweet about his recent book and listed him the three cores ofWestern Civilization. It was a real mention, not a comment over a screenshot

Western Civilization:

European etnichities  ✔️

Greco-roman heritage✔️

Christianity✔️( the most important)

Who is rewriting it Ben?

Ben Shapiro @benshapiro
“So, if you’d like to both join the fight against the alt-right and their racist rewriting of “Western civilization,” and fight the horrific media bias of people who lump together conservatism and alt-right racism, buy a copy of my book”

The amount of projection in that tweet is simply astonishing. It is Ben Shapiro who is the openly racist advocate of global imperialism. It is Ben Shapiro who is rewriting the long-settled definition of “Western civilization”. As you should be able to see by now, Shapiro, Peterson, Prager, and others of their Fake Right camouflage are every bit as evil and anti-Western as the SJWs, but they are considerably more dangerous due to their proven ability to disguise their intentions and to fool so many self-styled conservatives into blithely supporting the ongoing destruction of America and the West.

UPDATE: Speaking of Ben Shapiro, keep this inept prediction in mind. He actually claims President Trump is “an odds-on favorite to lose in 2020”:

The Economist: How is the 2020 American presidential election looking to you?

Mr Shapiro: If I had to give odds right now, I’d say that President Trump is an odds-on favorite to lose in 2020. I think that he only has about a 40{7268cf014492308e106993e7b45f4eb601f43560ca0109d183125b422b0d55f5} chance of winning.

He’s not merely a liar, he’s an incompetent political observer. Remember, this is the same foolish chickenhawk who actually wanted the USA to declare war on Iran, Egypt, and nuclear-armed Pakistan AT THE SAME TIME in 2005.