Mailvox: on my permanent record

A banned commenter wishes to establish something for the record and I am inclined to allow it.

But let the record show that you can not answer a simple question.

I admit I never thought I’d see the day that VD would run away from a question.  You are the guy who makes fun of people for being afraid to debate you.  Yet, a simple question has me banned.


To which I responded:

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you’re not lying, you’re just a moron. I have refused to answer thousands of questions over the years. Yours was off-topic and did not merit any answer.

You’re also socially clueless. You come into my place making demands and “calling me out”, then act surprised when you’re thrown out?

I ban everyone who acts the way you do.  But yes, we’ll make sure the record shows this on the blog.

Every. Single. Time.

If you ever wonder why I exhibit such open contempt for gamma males, imagine having to deal with this sort of thing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. the entitled little freakshows don’t like an answer you’ve given them, or the way you’ve refused to answer them, or how you haven’t responded to their email, or that you haven’t responded to them within their expected time frame, or have committed any of the myriad of deeply personal offenses that triggers their ever-bubbling sense of outrage.