Why conservatives always lose

I know John Hawkins means well, but his diagnostic ineptitude here is simply off the charts.

Exhibit 1: The first step to getting our culture to go back in the right direction is understanding why conservatives are losing the culture wars.

Exhibit 2: The “old school” values that made America successful were Judeo-Christian values that people were immersed in from their childhood on, usually in church. 

When you can’t identify the enemy, you cannot defeat the enemy. And when you cannot defeat the enemy, you are destined to lose. There are no “Judeo-Christian values”. There are no “Islamo-Christian”, “Hindu-Christian”, or “Satano-Christian values”.

Conservatives are losing the culture wars because they rejected the central role that Christianity and the posterity nation played in traditional American culture. So they permit non-American, non-Christian opinion leaders to lead them straight into cultural defeat, time and time again.

There are two primary causal factors: immigration and immoralization. Deal with them or go down to defeat.