Jordanetics is now an audiobook+

Having successfully extricated JORDANETICS: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity’s Greatest Thinker from Kindle Select, we are now able to offer it as an audiobook+, which means that you can acquire both the audiobook and the ebook in two formats from Arkhaven for $14.99.

Two recent reviews by people who have actually read the book:

Systematic breakdown of Peterson’s core ideas and assessment of his character

Notice how the 1-star reviewers are claiming jealousy on Vox Day’s part in order to dismiss his systematic breakdown of Peterson, instead of pointing out any factual errors. They behave exactly like the very SJWs they criticize, who bring emotional accusations to logical conversations.

If you pay attention, reviews by verified purchases are almost unanimously 5-star, while the vast majority of bad reviews are by people who haven’t bought Jordanetics, much less read it. You can’t review something you’ve never read, because that’s not what the word ‘review’ means. But Peterson himself could very well argue, “Well, it depends on what you mean by review, eh”. So maybe this is the Petersonian tactic of redefining commonly used words to make a ludicrous position seem reasonable, which Vox Day exposes beautifully in Jordanetics.

Vox Day’s critiques of Peterson in Jordanetics are extremely methodical and clear, and peppered with a healthy dose of humor. He uses Peterson’s own words as the basis of his attack, analyzes the very sources that Peterson himself cites as the foundation for his claims, then shows you step-by-step how Peterson has twisted the original meaning of his sources to fit narratives that are wildly inconsistent with the sources themselves. And that’s just scratching the surface of what Vox Day breaks down throughout the book. Anyone who says Vox is making anything other than a clear, logic-based attack on Peterson, doesn’t see the obvious irony that Vox’s language and method is far more clear and concise than Peterson’s ambiguous and foggy ramblings.

Then again, should Peterson’s followers be expected to recognize such irony when they follow a man who claims to tell the truth, while arguing there is no such thing as objective truth? Who says Europeans should abandon basic in-group preference while defending the extremist in-group preference of another group? Who acts like a champion of free speech while de-platforming speakers like Faith Goldy? Who speaks against Communism while covering every wall in his house with realist paintings of Bolsheviks? Who says you should never cave to a Leftist mob, then at a critical moment in our Republic, says Kavanaugh should cave to a Leftist mob because of feelings? Who practices psychology while consuming psychotropic drugs for decades?

Well, it depends on what you mean by irony, bucko.

JBP has dreams…

I have to say, Jordan Peterson had me going for a while. I’d heard rumors and decided to dig a little deeper. I found this book, and jordan’s magic spell was broken. The troubling part was discovering how easily I was fooled. Here’s how:. Vox outlines how Jordan Peterson will give a title that sets the tone, and then go full into ” Baffle Garble” where he casts a myst of nonsense where he loses you…and because you’re desperately trying to find the point of what he is saying, you’ll project and “fill in the blanks” and make yourself feel content with the message “YOU heard.” This is why if you ask any of JBP’s fans to explain ANY of the rules in “12 rules for life” you’ll get a curious range of answers.

Vox sums up nicely that JBP mostly appeals to the “bottom of the barrel” and lures them into both Mediocrity and Compliance (See the chapter titled “Why Won’t You Just Take Your Damn Pills” in 12 Rules for Life). As a funny, yet disturbing bonus, we discover that Peterson has dreams about “ravishing” his female cousin, as well as his grandmother rubbing her vagina on his face….totally serious here…JBP is a real Loon. I hope you enjoy the wakeup call from Vox, and don’t shoot the messenger. Instead, do as I did and kick yourself for being lured in with Peterson’s nonsense.