A new president for France

Russia Today reports that Marine Le Pen is now the President of France:

Exciting news from France: Marine le Pen is the country’s new president. After the Macron regime plunged the country into political crisis, Mrs Le Pen took the oath of office on Place de la Concorde on Friday before a small crowd of gilets jaunes (yellow vests) specially assembled – with the TV cameras – for the occasion.

Proclaiming that she was acting according to Article 7 of the Constitution of the 5th Republic, Mrs Le Pen announced that Emmanuel Macron is no longer in office. To be sure, the government and civil service, the police and the armed forces all continue to operate normally, and Mr Macron continues to work in the Elysée Palace as usual, while Mrs Le Pen is under investigation for financial irregularities. But as she has received official recognition from both Russia and China, she has now become the legitimate president of France.

Of course, this fictitious scenario is ridiculous. But it is no more ridiculous than the recognition of Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela, voted by the European Parliament on January 31, one week after the recognition of him by US President Donald Trump.

I have to admit, I have absolutely no idea what the God-Emperor is doing when it comes to Venezuala. The whole situation looks entirely inexplicable, and as the Russia Today parody makes clear, it’s not even remotely convincing to anyone, least of all the Venezuelans. All I know is that if the European Parliament is for it, it’s almost certainly a terrible idea.

Is prescribing puppet leaders to banana republics really optimal foreign policy in 2019? Do any of these people realize that the South American countries are now considerably larger and more powerful than any of the European nations?