Remain embraces Leave

If the British Members of Parliament are foolish enough to force a second referendum on leaving the European Union on the British people, they’re going to be shocked by how many more people vote for Leave. As a result of their devious, anti-democratic machinations, even die-hard Remainers are publicly endorsing No Deal Brexit.

It’s time to end this one way or another. I’ve written about the dangers of a No Deal Brexit. I believe they are real, not some Project Fear construct. But we cannot continue with this paralysis.

There is nothing MPs will learn about Brexit in nine months, or nine weeks, or nine days that they do not know today. The time for more excuses, extensions and procedural sophistry is at an end.

Many MPs think that, by blocking all other avenues, voters will opt to stay, rather than risk No Deal. But they are dangerously deluded. If forced to choose between No Brexit or No Deal, most people will opt for No Deal. And I know this because I’m one of them.

MPs have had their chance. They’ve had their opportunity to set aside their petty differences and allegiances and vanities. And they have failed.

I was a committed Remainer. But this morning I’m now a hard-Brexiteer. I finally understand where the anger comes from.

I don’t think the treasonous MPs will be successful, in part because it is becoming obvious that the public is going to turn on them with a vengeance, in part because the Queen has made her position on the matter clear in her own subtle way. This is probably all political thud and blunder of no consequence whatsoever. But, until the act is successfully accomplished, it cannot be considered done and dusted.